My 5 Favorite Must-Have Recipes

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Many of us have spent the last few weeks managing our cabinets for success. I know you’re doing amazing, but I also know this is when most people give up on their new year’s goals. Since you’re here and reading this, I know you don’t want to be one of those statistics!

I know how hard balance is. We work 40+ hours; we take online classes, attend workshops, read, have travel and family obligations, and it’s hard to stay on track. Most of the time, we’re off-course more than we’d like.

And sometimes, “Screw it! I want pizza!”

Then I wonder, “is that what your best self would eat?” When you look back at the end of this year, will you be OK with your health and weight, giving in to all those cravings and stressors? 

Once a month is one thing… a daily/weekly occurrence of eating out doesn’t promote health and longevity. There’s rarely any quality in the crap in restaurant chains, even if it tastes good at the moment.

I have the same struggles as you.

From mid-March through the beginning of June, I work 6-7 days a week, 9.5-hour days. I wake up early to write, learn, or create new content. I teach in the evening, or read books. I have chores once I get home, just like you. (They’re on my future not-to-do list, though I’ll always enjoy folding laundry… I find it meditative!)

I prepare meals for others on my days off or evenings after work, depending on my work schedule. I fill orders for skincare as they come in and make sure my partners have enough product.

I want to stay healthy and feed my family well, too.

Let’s face it, I can make dinner in the same time it takes to get to a restaurant, pick up food, and come home. So can you. It doesn’t matter where you live; rural, suburbia, or urban living… I’ve done it all and it’s always 20 minutes travel (minimum), 5 minutes pick up time, plus 5 minutes getting in and out of the car, unpacking food, and sitting down.

You Can Make a Healthy Meal in 30 Minutes, If You’re Prepared

And yes, it’s OK to eat the same thing over and over as a formula. From April to August, I eat the same thing, as far as my co-workers know… “there she is, ‘Beans and Greens’ girl!” 

I’m OK with the lunch repetition (and the nickname)… my salad bowl eliminates decision fatigue, guarantees my stamina throughout the day, and maintains my vibrant health. This is my formula for the warmer, more physical months:

  • A large bowl of greens (2-3 cups),
  • Beans (variations: whole plain, hummus, a bean burger, or beanballs),
  • My “s’nuts” blend of seasoned nuts and seeds,
  • Ranch or another homemade dressing,
  • Sauerkraut (or kimchi), and
  • Other roasted veggies

Sometimes I get bored, but I remind myself WHY I’m eating it and I remember how much I enjoy it. When I skip my big ol’ salad bowl for a week, I crave it—even in the winter. I feel vibrant as soon as I take the first bite… it’s like seeing an old friend at a reunion party. And I vary the ingredients to keep it interesting—maybe it’s whole red beans and my thousand island one day, and hummus, olives, ranch the next.

Thousand Island is incredibly simple to make: ketchup + vegan mayo + relish + garlic and onion powder + apple cider vinegar and water to thin it. If you liked McD’s Big Mac, throw this on your veggie burger for a flashback of their “special sauce!”

How I Stay Prepared for Success…

Since I know my family’s schedule is erratic and “food/nutrition is my thing,” I have staple recipes and seasonings that must be in the house at all times. As long as I have these around, I can whip up quick meals in 30 minutes or less.

I want you to have the same success, so I’m giving you My 5 Favorite Must-Have Recipes; I include meal suggestions with each recipe.

Here are My 5 Favorite Must-Have Recipes!

  1. Almost Instant Pandorable Patty
  2. Cheela Omelette Mix (note: black salt is high in sulfur… when you add water, there is a pungent smell. I suggest doing this when no one’s around!)
  3. Cheezy Sauce
  4. Chickless Nuggets
  5. Pandora’s Must-Have Granola
Irish Nachos with Cheezy Sauce

I know how easy it is to fall off the wagon and I know how crappy it feels when I do. To avoid that, these are “required” foods in our house. These recipes help us stay on track by giving us quick dinner options during those moments of “screw it!” weakness.

Download all 5 here (for free) and let me know what you think in the comments below. Here’s to your vibrant health!

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