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Since I can’t be with you, let’s make a virtual grocery store visit so I can help you shop smarter and faster. Not only am I a chef, but I’ve taken classes from food marketers. I’ll give you 5 of my favorite shopping tips, and my weekly grocery list template.

5 of my favorite shopping tips
  1. Have a meal plan ready before heading to the store. They design stores to overwhelm and confuse you so you spend more money.
  2. Try one new item every week, to avoid getting bored with foods. This can be a vegetable, grain, nut, bean, or fruit. Go by instinct and if you can’t find a description, Google it when you get home and find easy recipes for it. This simple act will introduce your body to different nutrients and expand your taste buds.
  3. Shop by a department to avoid mindless shopping. Until my 20s, I never understood why my mom had different columns of foods below her 7 meals. Once I shopped on my own, I realized those sheets of lined paper were her outline of the grocery store! She organized meats in one section, vegetables in another, rice and pasta in another section, spices and baking goods in another, and so on. I still organize my grocery list by the food in each aisle, despite using a phone app. It saves time and money because I rarely look up. I avoid temptation from the shelves, fridges, and free-standing marketing units.
  4. Shop monthly for dried goods, and weekly for fresh veggies and fruit. The more you’re at the store, the more temptation you face, the more you’ll spend, and the less you’ll adhere to your set menu.
  5. Most important: NEVER GO TO THE STORE HUNGRY!

I created a download of my weekly grocery list template for you—you can download a copy here. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

And for more tips and information on finding high-quality ingredients, flip to chapter 19 of my book: 

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