My Secret Weapon

Meditation in the mist
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I received an email from Bo Eason October 4 indicating most people spend 12-15 hours PER MONTH on social media… that’s 2 full work days! 

You know how I feel about that—your dreams are much bigger than anything shared on public platforms. You deserve better in life. You deserve peace of mind, which you won’t find on any social media platform.

Every January 1, I pull a deck of inspiration cards and intuitively pick 12 cards. I assign each month a card, write them in my monthly planner, and place the card on my windowsill. I reflect for a few minutes, wondering how the words on that card will inspire me for that month. What will happen and how will that card help? 

This year, I pulled 2 decks—one for Empowerment for Inspired Living and one for a Mudra and mantra. (Mudra’s are hand/finger positions often said with a chant or mantra. We believe they connect our body with the words being chanted. Mantras are prayers.)

Those decks are part of my secret weapon… meditation.

When I awaken each  morning, I express gratitude, stretch, give the cats treats, start coffee, and meditate while it steeps. Meditation is my secret weapon. It’s how I mindfully cope with stress, anxiety, anger, and heightened feelings.

My cards are my guide through my meditation. Without fail, they align me with my higher purpose and ease the struggles I face each month. This month’s cards are Honor and The Upper Hand (controlling rage through visualization and pausing before yelling). Some days, words come to me and I reflect on those instead… 2 weeks ago, it was Humility and Service.

I breathe in one word during my inhalation and the other word/concept on the exhalation. Focusing on breath and words focuses your mind and eases the “monkey-mind” of thoughts.

Meditation doesn’t have to be a 4-hour practice as the Dalai Lama enjoys, nor the 3-hours of prayer the Archbishop Tutu completes each day. Just 2 minutes each day is a start. Ease into 5-minutes when you’re ready, then 10- and 20-minutes. It’s that simple. Swap out 5 minutes of social media for 5 minutes of meditation.

To assist you on your journey, I’ve included a meditation my husband wrote for me. Notice where you can tune your breath with the music, breathing in and out as the pitch in his piece changes.

What are your thoughts?

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