It's my favourite season, and it's starting off with a real bang with all these October events!  Join me for some amazing ways to "Fall Into Wellness!"


  • *October 1: Fall Festival 2016 Phoenix Eastern Medical Center, Farmingdale—11am-3pm. Food and Family Fun - Free Massages, Free Yoga Classes, Martial Arts Show, Face Painting, Raffles, organic skincare by Pandora’s Products and more! This event is free.
  • *October 1: After The Noise Clears "Spirituality and Art" Baffa Art Gallery, Sayville – 5:30-10pm. Singing bowl meditation, kirtan, Sacred Geometry Art showing, vegan snacks provided by Pandora’s Lunchbox (and other local eateries). Suggested Donation: $10
  • *October 6: Women's EXPO Middle Country Public Library, Centereach – 11-6pm. The Women’s EXPO is a showcase and a marketplace for Long Island women entrepreneurs: artisans, importers, designers and distributors of products like Pandora’s Products! This event is free
  • *October 11: DIEts Workshop Deer Park Public Library, Deer Park – 7-8:30 pm In this workshop, we will discuss*Staple foods for a plant-based diet, to keep optimal levels of protein, iron, vitB. *Healthy greens without overdoing it-overcooking or over eating? *GF, Dairy-free, nightshade free…the difference b/w allergies and sensitivities and is elimination truly necessary? *A close look at fad diets; is weight loss really necessary, info about foods that may lead to weight loss/weight gain This is a free event
  • *October 14: Compassion and Your Diet Kundalini Yoga of Long Island, Northport – 7-8:30 pm. In this workshop we will discuss how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a plant-based diet. Transitioning to any food-style can be difficult and confusing at first. Join Alicia Randolph- Lucchesi to discover how you can make smarter choices about what you're putting in your body and how it affects the planet. $25 investment prepay - $30 day of event
  • *October 19: Transformation Through MovementHeritage Center, 633 Mt. Sinai-Coram Rd, Mt. Sinai – 12:30-3 pm.  Join us for an afternoon of the ABC’s of Prevention & Fitness (alignment, breathing & centering)-snacks provided by Pandora’s Lunchbox. $25 prepay - $30 day of event
  • *October 22: Dinner and a Movie - Halloween (John Carpenter's) Cyrus: Chai & Coffee Company, Bay Shore – 6:30-8:30pm. This month, enjoy a horror classic from John Carpenter! For those who haven’t seen it yet, there is little to no blood in this movie, and it has no gore. You’ll find more violence on the nightly news! ;-) Trick or treat! As always, our viewings feature a plant-based multi-course tasting menu, inspired by this cult classic film! Doors NOW open at 6:30, so come grab some coffee or tea, while waiting for the movie to begin at 7. Bring a date, bring a friend, or come alone! *Seating is limited for these engagements, so RSVP/PREPAY IS REQUIRED* $35/PERSON
  • *October 29: Chakra Immersion Series - #7 Sahasrara A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 6-8pm. In this immersion, we will study the Chakra's and teach you how to balance them. This workshop will specifically focus on Sahasrara (the 1,000 petal lotus) with yoga poses, meditation, mudras, basic information about the chakras, essential oils, foods, and so much more! The last session will be a summary in case you miss any during the immersion. Exchange: $35 each
  • *October 30: FALL! Cooking Demo at OT Farm's monthly Green Fair Organics Today Farm, 169 Washington St, East Islip – 10am-1 pm. We are proud to team up with Organics Today Farm, to offer true Farm-to-Table meals! From OT Farm to our pots and pans, into your belly; come join us and get your organics on, ask cooking questions, sample free food (with options to purchase lunch and hang out with all of us), as well as learn from our cooking demo!   Other vendors are on hand as well, answering questions about organic products, and offering their services.  This event is free, and the demo includes a tasting.