Please note our free events at local libraries, starting in October!

*October 1: Fifteenth Annual Women’s EXPO, Middle Country Library, Centereach – 11-6 pm. The Women’s EXPO is a showcase and a marketplace for Long Island women entrepreneurs: artisans, importers, designers and distributors of products such as jewelry, clothing, fine art, pottery and wood, metal, leather, glassware, children’s items, culturally diverse crafts, fiber art, specialty food items, gift baskets, household accessories, paper products and more. Free admission.

*October 2: Wellness Through Mindful Nutrition: FARM DAY Satsang, A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 7-9pm.  This satsang will focus on FARM day (a day to honor factory-farmed animals), a day when many of us fast for the animals.  We will: -Learn about the health benefits of a plant-based diet, -Learn how your diet affects the planet, -Learn how your diet affects your overall well-being, -Sign up for a compassion challenge (optional, as always).  $15 exchange or $10 for previous YTT’s of Jewel.

*October 4: Robin's Racers Vendor Event, East Meadow Jewish Center, East Meadow –10-2pm.  This fundraiser includes 50+ vendors, live music, children's activities, and amazing raffle prizes. 100% of proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. Free admission.

*October 9: Holistic Wellness Satsang Series, A Jewel in the Lotus, Islip – 7-9pm.  This satsang will focus on Wellness and Playing, specifically: Redefining play, Learning by playing and nourishment for the Spirit, Competition and play, Seriousness vs. healing laughter, Defining work and stress about work, Work and self-the same thing?, The planet at play, Expressing feelings and different feeling styles, Expressing anger and joy, Accepting fears and saying no without guilt, Sadness and grieving, Positive and negative attention, Expressing concern, love and warmth.  $15 exchange or $10 for previous YTT’s of Jewel.

*October 19: Herbal Basics, Connetquot Library, Centereach – 7-8:30 pm In this workshop, we will discuss the basics about herbs. We'll discuss 6 herbs for relaxation, as well as general information on the importance of incorporating herbs into our daily routines. Free admission.

*October 20: Edible Holistic Wellness 101, Fire Island Union Free School District, Ocean Beach – 6-8 pm In this workshop, we’ll discuss learn the basics about nutrition. We'll discuss the basics of eating organically, what a GMO is, the importance of eating seasonally, and what raw food is and how to incorporate more of it into our daily lives. Free admission.

*October 30: The Compassionate Challenge Workshop Series, LI Ninjutsu Centers of East Islip – 7-9pm.  Have you ever had questions or have been confused about plant-based nutrition? Would you like to be healthier and possibly shed some fat, lose inches all while living a more compassionate life? Then check out this upcoming challenge!  Our 3-week goal is to get healthier and understand how easy a plant-based lifestyle is.  There will be weekly motivational tips, resources and recipes offered.  This workshop will have samplings of a plant-based lunch!  Exchange is $99.