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Intended for all phases of tattoo healing, and is even an excellent all-purpose healer, for those who don’t have tattoos.  It’s safe enough to use as a lip balm, and even on infants, to cure diaper rash – that’s how safe and natural it is!  Our tattoo cream / ointment also has a vegan option available, as well as a version that replaces conventional sandalwood for the lavender essential oil.


100% organic, all-natural & cruelty-free

Guaranteed to heal your tattoo faster


Can be used from the tattooing process to just brightening healed tattoos

Eliminates scabbing, flaking, rashes, pimples and white bumps from petroleum-based products

No harmful ingredients; minimal ingredients eliminate unwanted reactions

Designed with & recommended by tattoo artists across the US


Olive oil-natural, superior skin conditioner, absorbs easily,  and has natural anti-oxidants

Beeswax-natural solidifier, no fillers/ synthetics/debris/ foreign matter. (Carnuba wax is used in the Vegan formula, in place of beeswax.)

Shea butter-forms a breathable, water-resistant film.  Moisturizes the skin.

Lavender essential oil- toning, refreshing, cleansing. Good for inflamed and sensitive skin, is antiseptic, antiviral, soothing & a fungicide. Promotes new skin growth, heals burns, acne, infections, fungus and scars.

Rosemary essential oil- anti-microbial, purifying, contains natural anti-oxidants to speed the healing process.

Lemongrass essential oil- cleanser, astringent, fungicide, bactericide.

One Day of Using Real Heal
Your first day of healing is crucial. Choose organic products that were SPECIFICALLY designed for healing tattoos!

Here’s a quick peek at how fast Real Heal works!

Click the image above for a short video on Real Heal Aftercare

Suffolk County Dept. of  Health Services suggested aftercare instructions:

Aftercare tattoo

Aftercare branding scarification

Aftercare piercing


.05 oz., 1 oz., 2 oz.

5 reviews for Real Heal Salve (original formula)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    L Chau

    This “real heal” actually works! I love the fact that it is all organic and it is not greasy at all. Very easy to blend into my skin and doesn’t stick to my clothes it healed my latest tattoo perfectly. I recommend this “real heal” to anyone, especially if you just got a tattoo! Freaking awesome!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    So I know this real heal is a tattoo salve but I decided to try it out to stretch my ears. I was a size 2g and I went the next size up to 0. I spread the real heal over my ears and the taper and it slid right through my ears like butter. I love this organic stuff. It’s genius!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Louise Scalza

    My wrist had a slight encounter with a very hot Pan’s edge today I immediately ran it under cold water and then placed some of your Real Heal on it! WHAT A RELIEF! and I mean INSTANT! Thank you for creating this! =) I also use it on my lips to prevent chapness

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am in love with this “real heal” salve!! I got my tattoo two days ago and I instantly put the tattoo salve on and it’s already healing fast. I love the organic smell and it does not dry out my tattoo like the other greasy products!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is way better than any junk you’ll find at the store. My husband and I always use this product on our new tattoos and they heal beautifully! Stays moist, not greasy and smells yummy.

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