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Our tattoo healing aftercare lotion contains the same ingredients as our Original Real Heal Salve, other than the use of shea nut oil in place of shea butter.


100% organic, all-natural & cruelty-free

Guaranteed to heal your tattoo faster

Contains minimal wax, making it easier to apply


Best option for large pieces and dry climates, because of the liquid consistency.

Eliminates scabbing, flaking, rashes, pimples and white bumps from petroleum-based products

No harmful ingredients; minimal ingredients eliminate unwanted reactions

Designed with & recommended by tattoo artists across the US


Olive oil-natural, superior skin conditioner, absorbs easily, and has natural anti-oxidants

Beeswax-natural solidifier, no fillers/ synthetics/debris/ foreign matter. (Can be substituted with carnuba wax for a vegan formula upon request.)

Shea nut oil-forms a breathable, water-resistant film.  Moisturizes the skin.

Lavender essential oil- toning, refreshing, cleansing. Good for inflamed and sensitive skin, is antiseptic, antiviral, soothing & a fungicide. Promotes new skin growth, heals burns, acne, infections, fungus and scars.

Rosemary essential oil- anti-microbial, purifying, contains natural anti-oxidants to speed the healing process.

Lemongrass essential oil- cleanser, astringent, fungicide, bactericide.

Suffolk County Dept. of  Health Services suggested aftercare instructions:

Aftercare tattoo

Aftercare branding scarification

Aftercare piercing


2 oz., 4 oz.

1 review for Real Heal Lotion

  1. Judy Stern

    OMG not only was this a good lotion for tattoo aftercare, but all over my skin! I usually apply to my body after a nice hot shower, so besides having a light beautiful scent my skin is so soft. And Reiki infused too!! BONUS! Healing lotion at it’s finest!

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