Organic Tea Immuni-tea (16 oz)


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For use as a preventive to build the immune system, or to help alleviate flu, cold and allergy symptoms.   Steep desired amount for 5-10 minutes.  For best results, steep 1 cup herbs with 4 cups boiling water overnight in a French Press, and enjoy small amounts throughout the day (as this will be more concentrated, you can dilute 1/4 cup to 1 cup water, if desired).

Ingredients: Lavender – anti-viral, anti-bacterial, Stinging Nettles – tonifier, nutrient-dense, increases vitality and energy, Dandelion – cleansing, high in antioxidants, Chickweed – nutrient-dense, St. Joan’s Wort (aka St. John’s Wort) – nervine, Comfrey – soothing, aides in healing damaged tissues & Astragalus – energizing, tonic, lung-enhancer, rebuilds the immune system.

Note: this product is sold by volume ounces, not weight.


2 Oz.


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