Sheep on the west coast of Ireland, taken during our honeymoon '12. There's a world out there to be explored! Learn about different cultures. It makes you a better person...<3

I'm in the relationship business...

Whether it’s your relationships with people, food, nature, the products you purchase, or yourself…

How can I serve and support you?

Whether you’ve just landed on this page or been around my site, you’ll find a variety of topics on this page. This is your library of resources: tips for accomplishing more, feeling vibrant, and owning self-empowerment.

It may surprise you to find plant-based recipes, organic skin care products, and a time management schedule on the same page. Those closest to me understand this is how I’ve created success in my life.

Being healthy is more than just green shakes.

(Don’t get me wrong, I love green shakes! It’s just that I rarely find people addressing the basic tactics needed for us to thrive, rather than just survive. It’s more than just drinking enough water and eating salads.)

I believe in balance.

We’ve unknowingly given away most of the balance in our lives and it’s become one of our biggest challenges as a species.

I take walks with my husband nearly every day. During our ventures, I’ll observe the numbers and variations of birds, trying to identify them with the least bit of information possible. I’ll try to note the shapes and patterns of trees around us, or the flow of the water (or melting snow here in Maine!). I’ll ponder a certain noise if it breaks my train of thought or conversation. I’m always curious about how what I’m seeing reflects what’s going on in my life.

As frou-frou as that may seem, I’m very grounded in reality. I wake before sunrise every day, have a large cup of water, stretch a little, meditate, have my coffee, watch educational videos, and plan my day.

I know what steps I need to take for the day and week, so I can accomplish my goals. I have a plan for what I’ll learn each month and what my major project or focus is.

Nature balances my Type-A personality.

I may be a right-brained introvert, but I also work best with a set routine of habits. I didn’t create my health and standard of living by accident, nor should you.

An architect doesn’t hand a contractor a mere sketch of a home. They design a sturdy home with extensive  blueprints. This page is your blueprint for a well-designed and healthy, fulfilled life.

The goal of this page is to give you resources for all I mentioned above… habits for a healthy mind, body, spirit. You’ll find an ever-growing Zibrary (zen+library=zibrary) of chakra materials, Ayurvedic practices, seasonal tips, tricks to being more eco-friendly, time management hacks, goal-planning tidbits, nutritional facts, and physiological and psychological information.

As with everything else on my site, you’ll find Facts not Fads™. I’m not a fan of trends. It’s probably the greatest gift my father gave me (after the gift of life, of course).

I don’t watch the news, nor do I spend time on social media. In all honesty, I’m quite out of touch with what’s going on in the world. I like it that way. My focus is on how to make the world a better place, not be reactive to what’s being shown to us by clever media sources.

Without further ado, browse, download what interests you, reach out to me with questions, join the courses I’m creating, or share your story with me.

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Yours in Health, Hope, Grace & Ancient Wisdom.

“Honestly your newsletter is one of the best I’ve ever seen. You do such an amazing job connecting and engaging, meeting people where they’re at and wanting to know what they need. It’s unusual for me to say that about a newsletter. I usually rarely even open them! 🤗 Yours is one of the few that I do look at. I love your personal stories and all of the information you share. I can tell how much you care and that’s a beautiful thing to see in this world.” -Colleen M.


Online Courses

Learn to separate fact from fad! In this 3-week course, you’ll learn how important sleep, meditation & exercise really are. You’ll learn how to nourish all your senses, get pantry basics, see how digestion works & how to shop for groceries. You in?

Oh yeah…there’s a NO-COST trial version you can take, as well! <3

This FREE course gives you a basic intro to herbal medicine. What many people consider weeds are actually quite medicinal. 

In this SHORT course (it takes about 5 minutes to complete), you’ll learn about 6 common herbs that may be growing in your yard. If they are, please make sure you aren’t using pesticides if you chose to ingest them. 

Discover the Elements of Ayurveda in 4 Easy Lessons. I’ve compiled 20 years of research, experience, teaching, and energetic therapies; in just 4 lessons, you’ll learn how easy it is to live in balance with Nature and regain your health and energy levels.

Consider what you can save in future hospital bills if you’re on a path of thriving instead of surviving. 

  • What’s the cost of your insurance? (Insurance rates are determined by how much every one of us uses it.) 
  • What’s the true cost of getting sick and needing time off?
  • What’s the cost of losing loved ones because you didn’t have simple information they could use?

I know the cost—I lost both of my parents before I was 30. They weren’t even 50, and died of preventable diseases. Both of my paternal grandparents also passed away in their prime from preventable diseases.

The worst part?

I now have the knowledge needed to save their lives.

Sadly, this isn’t the knowledge we were given by conventional medicine. 

I help others reverse one of the same preventable disease my mother had… diabetes. In just 7 months, the ONLY changes made were to their diet.

The diet they follow is NOT what Western medicine prescribes for this condition, by the way.

Can I be transparent with you? If you’re ever in a place where you’re frustrated, burnt out, losing faith, feel lost, or feel it may be time to make a change, you’re not alone.  

We’ve been there (meaning Rob and I). We encourage you to fight for what you want, follow you passions, and keep dreaming. Here’s a quick article about our (sudden) relocation from NY to Maine. We hope it’ll help inspire you when you need to make a change!


Hi Alicia! I saw you are moving to Maine! Best of luck to you! I just wanted to let you know I was so happy to meet you through our many connections and became friends and I hope we can keep in touch! You’ve always been so supportive and you are a wonderful soul! Wishing you nothing but love and success! Xoxo
Danielle Link
Castaway Sand Creations
Am I being overly cynical in saying almost everything you say I've seen/heard before? You have done a great service gathering it all in one place. I suppose the biggest thing I've gotten from all of this is how a small step will lead to growing change. Even my transition has been a series of small steps - I just hadn't thought to apply that to other areas of my life. Also I kinda felt that my choices (food or clothing) were a frightening outlier and that can such a scary place to be! There is then reassurance in all you've written that I'm not necessarily all that wacky...
Tara Gosh
Inventory Control Clerk
THANK you thank you thank you!!!!!! This is wonderful information [on soy]. I printed out what you provided and I’m going to share it with my sister as well. You have definitely shed a bright light on this. I never thought of who actually wrote those articles and google searches I have done. Yes, it could easily be someone who is pro meat and/or dairy! I read this article recently that said that thyroid function appears to be affected by soy naturally I PANICKED !! But I miss tofu! I do not use soy milk or anything like that but I like the points you make that it really should be organic and non gmo and especially about how Asians have had a very low rate of Cancer and tofu and soy is huge in their culture. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much. Hope to see you soon-again
Linda Franco
Social Worker
I'm with Tara! haha I knew a lot of this stuff but it made me happy, and is always good to reaffirm things I already knew. Also it reminds me that there are still ways to improve- I am still using canned beans, and don't kill me, but have not yet made the switch over to organic/nongmo :-x. The shopping section made me laugh because I am fairly certain that maybe other than you, Alicia, nobody runs through the grocery store as fast as me. Dan kills me because I am constantly yards ahead of him just grabbing and going. If we stop, I 100% guarantee things that weren't on the list will get picked up, and a 50% chance that they will be shitty foods we pick up! I have no self control, so I control my lack of self control lmao. The label reading is always especially helpful with all those hidden words.
Melissa Sgambati
Graphic Designer/Photographer


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