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Plant-based meal delivery service

Quotable statements:

  • *Food with a purpose…created specifically for your needs! (Nutritional, spiritual, allergies, health, etc.)
  • *Healing the planet, one meal at a time…
  • *Healthy internationally-inspired plant-based cuisine
  • *We are more than just a menu. How about nutritional workshops, catering, cooking classes?
  • *Feeding your mind, body & soul
Zen cooking = "You create the recipe by lving it." - Edward Espe Brown

Zen cooking = "You create the recipe by living it." - Edward Espe Brown

What we believe:

  • *Food should be as close to nature as possible
  • *Food should be seasonal, as organic as possible, and always non-GMO
  • *Food should have balanced flavor profiles, so nothing stands out in excess
  • *Food should be hand-crafted, not made in a factory…down to the spice blends and seasonings. It should feel like home!
  • *Food should be made in small batches, be custom tailored to a customer’s tastes & health needs
  • *The ingredients in your meals should be whole & unprocessed, so they’re fresh & chemical-free!
  • *Food should be clean, simple and nutritious, so it nourishes and inspires those who ingest it. You should be surprised at how satisfied yet clean you feel, after eating!
  • *Food should have intentional fusions of food flavors as well as spices. As a globally-inspired company, we honor the traditions of every culture we have the pleasure of discovering.
  • *Food should honor tradition preparation, as much as possible.
  • *Meals should intentionally challenge your mindset against foods…no need to discriminate, just because someone overcooked your broccoli when you were a child!
  • *Meals should be nutrient-rich and portion-balanced…
  • *Food shouldn’t be a science experiment, or a confusing formula of nutrients. Keep it simple with lots of veggies, whole grains and clean protein.
  • *Meal plans should expand your horizons beyond the comfort foods of breads, cheese substitutes and high fat, as a method to keep you interested in plant-based foods!
  • *Meals should be able to transform those comfort foods into cleaner, plant-based variations, WITHOUT sacrificing taste!
  • *Food should heal you AND taste good—what good is healthy food, if no one eats it!?!
  • *Your meals should guide you to a better quality of life, not just satisfy your palate
  • *We believe in giving back – we recycle our containers and compost our ingredients
  • *Restaurants, caterers and food delivery services should do more than just serve you food. They should nourish your mind, body and soul.