We recently went public with our plant-based meals.  We figured it was time to share a bit more with you, in case you wanna stay tuned for our weekly menu that we’ll be sending you, and you're not hooked up to one of our social media platforms.

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Who: Do you want to lose weight?  Do you have little to no time to cook healthy?  Are you are confused about what healthy food even is? Do you hate cooking? Have you just started out with plant-based food, or are just curious about it?  Have you been plant-based so long, you need a change?

What: Pandora’s Lunchbox offers non-GMO, seasonal, plant-based, mostly organic meal plans, customized to your individual preferences.  Our meal plans are freshly prepared for your lifestyle, and are delivered to your door!  We believe in simple packaging, to keep cost down; it’s what’s on the inside that really counts!  Our meals are typically (1) serving of grains, (1) serving of protein (soy, nuts or legumes), (2) servings of vegetables and (1) serving of fat.  Our meals do not contain pre-packaged ingredients such as veggie burgers, vegan cheezes, sauces, mixes, etc. – our ingredients are custom-blended and created by us, down to our spice blends and dressings.

When: this menu changes weekly and is posted Friday, for the following Wednesday and Friday deliveries.

Where: you tell us where to deliver!  Your work? Your home?  Please check your location below, for notes on deliveries.  If you aren’t sure about the fee for your home or office, please feel free to ask!

*Delivery fee included: Amityville to Sayville, Montauk Highway to Brentwood and Ronkonkoma

*$3 delivery & 4-meal minimum: Northport, Huntington, Smithtown, Patchogue, Massapequa

*$8 delivery & 6-meal minimum*: Rockville Centre, Port Jefferson/Station

Why: We know how confusing it is to muddle through all the news, social media posts, and information your friends and family give you about nutrition.  We know how hard it is to eat whole-food, plant-based, clean meals that actually have flavor!  We know how hard it can be to get to the health food store or natural market, to get your lunch or dinner!  We’ve been where you are…frustrated and hungry.

How: Our Pandorable menu is posted Wednesday, for the following week’s deliveries.  Orders for must be received by Friday evening, to ensure prep and delivery; text or email your order, and we’ll do the rest!  If you have food allergies, sensitivities or dislikes, please let us know (or click on the “Intake Form 2015” on our contact page). We will gladly accommodate any and all request, as long as we know at the time of the order being placed.  Any and all substitutions are welcome, at no extra charge!  Our meals are delivered in compostable packaging, or recyclable to-go containers that can be reused– we ask that you discard of them properly, or return them to us.

The more you buy, less it costs! Delivery fee is not included—please add if applicable.
*2 meals $15 each
*4 meals $13 each (more than 10%!)
*6-10 meals $12 each (20% savings) *requires prepay by secure cc

We’re not into plant-based pizza’s and mammoth-sized veggie burgers served in doughnuts, or serving processed veggie foods.  That stuff is fine for occasional treats, but we’re concerned with HEALTH, not fads.  We’re not trying to convert the world to a vegan diet.  Let’s be honest…what’s the point of a highly-processed vegan cheeze, when you’re trying to lose weight or be healthy?  But we also realize that plant-based food needs to have flavor (aka spices), broaden your horizon (aka be internationally-inspired) and fulfill you (aka no rabbit food, please!).  If you want to know more of what we stand for, click here.  If you have questions or are curious about trying anything, click here to contact Alicia.

A lil blurb about who's behind our Lunchbox

A lil blurb about who's behind our Lunchbox