100% Plant-powered, zero-to-low fat meals, snacks & recipes

Handcrafted delights that won’t leave you feeling like you cheated. Choose from raw savory, raw sweet, or non-raw bites. Made with 100% plant-powered, non-GMO & organic ingredients. 

"Wooow! I miss your cooking. I'm extremely picky with the food I eat after I got sick...you were one of the very few and the absolute best in terms of quality, variety and taste."

Healthy, organic, plant-powered food can be tasty AND fun! Here’s proof…

Greater Bay Shore, July 2016 – if you don’t know about the fun venture my husband and I created, check out this article

Newsday, October 2016 – more about our Food Flix Cinema events hosted at Cyrus Chai & Coffee Co in BayShore, NY.

For nearly a decade, I’ve offered private meal plans, catering for up to 35 people, taught cooking demos & nutritional workshops, and helped people reverse conditions such as diabetes and chronic inflammation. Healthy food isn’t complicated nor expensive. I’ve thrown in a few of my past menus to inspire you!

Find out how simple it can be!

I know how confusing all those labels and clever marketing schemes are…here’s a quick video on the different types of water, and what you need to know before buying a filter or that next bottle of alkaline water!

Learn how you can elevate simple ingredients into tasty, wholesome creations without breaking the bank. Join me on YouTube or contact me about booking your own private cooking lessons!

If you're looking for ancient healing methods based in science, Dr. Douillard is an excellent resource. His primary focus is Ayurveda, though he has written about proper exercise and breathing practices, as well. Facts not Fads...

Misfits Market…

Here’s how you access organic produce at a great price, while supporting farmers!

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