Plants are Your Path to Healing

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Plants are Your Path to Healing


A recent hormone test led to a deep dive into specific hormones… leading to a new perspective on the importance of carbs (AKA plant-foods) vs the keto/paleo/Atkins claims.

Claim: carbs are bad for you, cause digestive issues, increase inflammation, and lead to diabetes and other diseases.

Truth: not all carbs are bad for you, and definitely not in moderation. They can relieve digestive issues when taken with other foods, in certain quantities/time of day, and spices. The right carbs actually reduce diseases, because of the high fiber and nutrients in them. And our body needs them…

The Industrial Age created a host of over-processed foods, which ARE the cause of most disease-related deaths. Carbs aren’t the real problem…


Anthropologists know we’ve eaten grains and high-carb foods for THOUSANDS of years. If they caused deadly diseases, our species wouldn’t still be here. In fact, most cultures thrive off of high-carbohydrate foods until they add in excess fats, meat, and dairy… or, the typical western DIEt.


There’s a nuance to consider for our high-stress lifestyles, and low-carb DIEts may create a problem we never considered: chronic low cortisol:

  1. If you know little about cortisol, it’s a nifty lil hormone that courses through your body, normally peaking 2 hours after you awaken, then dipping as the day progresses. It helps you cope with stress, helps metabolize foods, regulates blood pressure and glucose, controls your sleep/wake cycle, and is anti-inflammatory.
    That early morning rise helps you wake with gusto, and the evening dip helps you relax for a good night’s sleep.
  2. Not only do we have stressors from being overworked, watching the news/social media, fearing the economy/our health/retirement, but we also face environmental stressors that take a toll on our health. These stressors raise cortisol levels.
  3. Besides triggering the release of serotonin (a happy hormone), carbs increase insulin levels. Insulin has a see-saw effect on cortisol, so that higher insulin levels = lower cortisol levels. Good, bad, or indifferent, this is how Nature designed us. And for a good reason…

At first glance, lowering carbs and raising cortisol is great news for those low-carb advocates. I mentioned the healing benefits of this hormone in the first point (#1), so it seems logical to wanna raise it.

Imagine a life without those carbs (insert latest DIET fad that wants you to avoid beans, squashes, most fruits, and the obvious grains)—no carbs to lower cortisol levels, leading to higher cortisol levels all day.

Instead of fixing a problem like it seems, it increases our risk of dis-ease—we’re now adding high cortisol levels to an already stressed-out lifestyle (#2).

Trouble sleeping at night? High cortisol levels may be part of the issue.

Like everything in Nature, too much or too little of anything creates disease: too much cortisol from stress (perceived or real); high-protein foods with limited carbs; toxins; medications all lead to adrenal fatigue. That’s when you’re left feeling “too pooped to party,” along with a host of other medical concerns.

You’ll also need supplements to get phytonutrients and fiber you’re not getting from plants—they often use supplementation as a reason plant-based diets are so dangerous. Ironic, I say…

I’m not here to prove anyone wrong, but to offer you an alternate perspective. I want to end the suffering we face because of our crash DIEts and crazy workouts… they have long-term effects on hormone and heart health.

None of these fads have long-term studies, which concerns me.

A whole food, low-fat, plant-based lifestyle DOES have long-term studies. In fact, eating and living according to your body are ancient forms of healing—what I call Ancient Wisdom, or the third pillar of my mission statement.

So, the next time you see that headline, book, or post inviting you to limit carbs for your health, consider this alternative side of the story. 😉



For a deeper dive into the lectin fad: The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain ( While they haven’t reviewed many books yet, this is a great source for weeding out Facts over Fads.

I learned about this organization after hearing Ari Witten’s interview with them: Should You Avoid Plant Foods and Lectin-Rich Foods? with Dr. Stephan Guyenet and Dr. Mario Kratz – The Energy Blueprint. This is a long podcast episode, but has great information for BOTH sides of the lectin/carnivore issue. True science and critical thinking…

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