It’s Not Your Fault Your Clients Heal Hard…

Take Back Your Reputation While Earning Cash – GUARANTEED!

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Aftercare = Afterthought? In 2018!?!

If you send clients to the drugstore for aftercare, I have an easy solution to improve your art. STOP. SENDING. THEM. AWAY! Taking the minimal effort required to have aftercare on hand and sell it to them makes you a better artist. It makes your art heal better. Aftercare is an afterthought for many of your clients — it shouldn’t be one for you. Aftercare is part of your job. It takes nothing to hand someone a kit. Tell me what you have to lose in offering it? (Seriously…I’ve heard all the reasons/excuses out there and can give you numerous reasons how having aftercare in-house benefits you.) I provide you with promo material to make it even easier. You just have to care enough to actually say, “We have organic aftercare here, instead of you having to go out and get it. Would you like to save a trip and get it while you’re here?” Will everyone get it? Of course not. But why should the local drugstore get CASH THAT BELONGS IN YOUR POCKET? None of those ointments were created to heal tattoos. Real Heal was. Tattooing has evolved A LOT in the last 20 years…shouldn’t the aftercare process?

Passion or Status?

If you’re not passionate about what you do and you wouldn’t create art without the promise of fortune and fame, read no further. If you’re still with me, understand it may take time to for your clients to understand their current aftercare contains the very ingredients they want to avoid. “My friend used cocoa butter to heal. You know, the lotion stuff. And she healed fine. Why do I need to spend $8 on a tin of this cream?” Trying it is what turns most clients into believers. Some people will NEVER understand and they won’t care to. They’ll just buy from you because you, AS THE EXPERT, tell them to. Some artists give away .5 oz tins for free. Others raise the price of the tattoo a bit and “include the 1 oz for free.” (Which by the way, is a GREAT way to build trust with your clients. You're a hero!) Some barely raise the retail price and opt for a lower profit margin so they sell more ($6-7 vs $8 on my site). Most crappy aftercare costs $7-8, anyway. Why do these shops cut into their own profit? Because they're more concerned with their reputation & the time Real Heal saves them in touch-ups and counseling. They understand I’ve spent over a decade studying skin, tattoos, healing the skin in very tricky situations, and I’ve healed tens of thousands of tattoos across America. Shops learned that in time, clients return for the soap or salve just because they loved how it healed other skin issues or they loved the smell. I’m not promising you fortune and fame. I’m promising to heal your clients better and faster than they will with all those crappy ointments on the market.

Control…You or Clients?

You have control over your field of art. You trained, you tested, you apprenticed, you worked from the ground up. You educate your clients on the size, shape, colour, placement, and style of their tattoos. You control most of the work you produce. Why would you suddenly give up your control at the healing process and leave it completely in their hands? Did you know that most clients blame hard-healing on their tattoo artist? Did you know that many of their “issues” with healing are reactions to their aftercare? I do, because it’s my job to educate the public on skincare and health products. I’ve listened to their complaints and read their reviews. Take back control of your reputation!


Who doesn’t like that!?! Your clients will see IMMEDIATE results, which you may not know about unless you see them on a regular basis. Want immediate results for yourself? Test it on your next large body piece & ask during the next session. Real Heal isn’t something you need to invest in and wait years to see results.

The Dreaded “C” Word…

I’m asking you for 2 things — 1) your Commitment to heal your work better & 2) your Commitment to give this product an honest try. I can’t reach everyone…I need partners like you to help spread the word. If you only sell 1-2 per month, you'll never see results. Sell 3 per week (1 salve for every 3-4 tattoos) & I guarantee improvements in your healing and touch-up rate within 1-2 months. I know from over a decade of experience that you have nothing to lose – if you have any problems with how my products perform, I’ll gladly take back what you’ve ordered. There are no minimum orders, so you’ll never be stuck with more than you need. Turnaround is usually 1-2 business days from order to shipment. Since I’m located in Maine, it won’t take the post office long to get it to you!

Leader or Follower?

Do you want to be known as the foundation of a growing movement of artists? Artists who pave the way to organic aftercare and stop the reactions to petroleum-based products? Reputation is a big deal in the tattoo market. Artists who truly care about their work are always looking for ways to improve their art. Natural products are a $90 billion industry that grows 10% annually. People who nickle-and-dime you for spending $8 or more for organic skincare won’t be consistently getting work from you, either. I’m talking about building trust and long-term clients who are with you for 10 or more years. Those are the people who pay your bills month-in and month-out. THOSE are the people who will spend a little more for a much higher-quality product.

You? You! You.

You are the only person who can actually make this happen. I make the product and I make the promo items to be placed in your shop. YOU have to offer it for people to buy it. YOU have to ask me any questions if you have any, or if you need suggestions on how to offer it. I am here whenever you need me, but you independently determine how well it sells or doesn’t sell. You alone can make it successful or let it collect dust in a cabinet. If you think you can’t charge $8 more after charging $400 for a permanent piece of artwork, you can’t and won’t. But also remember you’re still sending them to a drugstore to spend $5-10 on an inferior aftercare product. You’ve now wasted their time, gas, and money on a subpar product that is known to cause itchy white bumps and hard-healing. You’re also giving them time to ask their friends for advice or forget exactly what you said. We all know how those last 2 scenarios end. In this day and age, people are having more and more reactions to those “old school” methods. Why take a chance YOUR hard work will heal poorly? I know there’s a problem with healing tattoos and there are reactions. Those problems are why I created these products. Trust me and let me help you and your clients.


I can GUARANTEE a decrease in touch-ups and counseling of hard-healing (usually about 50%) if your clients simply adhere to the VERY simple protocol for using Real Heal Aftercare. The original salve is all you need to succeed, though the soap does boost the healing time. A. Wash your tattoo with a gentle soap like Real Heal Antibacterial Foaming Soap (the essential oils in it help heal skin while also not drying it out). B. Air dry the tattoo or pat dry. C. Apply a THIN layer of Real Heal Salve 2-3 times daily. Your clients will heal an average of 2-3 days faster than before (often, 5 days less). How much is that extra time and money worth to you? It sure puts them in your chair faster! 1 hour/week counseling or doing a touch-up COSTS you a minimum of $60. You could be tattooing for that hour and MAKING a minimum of $60. Add that to what you're making by selling just 1 tin of organic aftercare per day & you just gave yourself a $500/month raise. Who can't use that kind of revenue for doing nothing extra!?!

Easy = No Excuse!

You may be saying you don’t have time for anything else. You wash the tattoo when you’re finished, bandage it, and send them off with a sheet of instructions. Here’s the deal…you can educate your clients on aftercare while you’re bandaging them & it won't take any EXTRA time. If you don't, you’ll definitely be wasting 10-30 minutes counseling hard-healing or touching up that ink that could have just healed better (yes, I understand some tattoos will always need a touch-up, regardless of aftercare). Isn’t a 50% improvement rate in healing worth offering a better product? These aren’t made-up numbers. Multiple shops know Real Heal reduces or eliminates hard-healing once it’s sold consistently. Counseling and touching up tattoos do NOTHING to further your career. They COST you $$$$. There’s no excuse to not offer better aftercare. If it’s part of your job as an artist, why not let me make your job easier? I’ve already done the work in designing and testing my formula. All you need to do is offer it! It’s organic, it’s all natural. It’s as simple as the name it bares…Real Heal.

Social Support?

You’re never alone with Real Heal. My website is as simple as the ingredients I use. Many of your client’s questions can be answered in my blogs and if you have questions, you can easily reach me by my website, texting, or calling me. You can also email me at It’s common for artists to begin texting me after their first order, just to ask random questions or place orders for more. It’s what I’m here for. There’s no outsourced customer service department. Just a live person with years of experience and lots of answers.

Use coupon code RH30 at checkout for 30% off your first order! (No minimum.)

"Buttah Buttah" (Yes, it's absolutely safe enough to eat!) Photo credit: STAPAW, Warped Tour Partner '15 & '16
During the past fifteen years in the Tattooing and Permanent Cosmetics Industries we have used several aftercare products that are common in the industry. Some of these products did nothing, while others caused more problems than helped. The overwhelming majority of these products are petroleum base ointments thereby producing an environment for bacterial growth and subsequent infections. Over the past few years, we have been introduced to a far superior and organic aftercare product made by Pandoras Products. Real Heal Tattoo Salve combined with Real Heal Foaming soap make the perfect pair in tattoo care. With their all-natural ingredients, these products are not only used by our own artists but are recommended to all our clients who have experienced shorter healing time, better and brighter results in colour retention in their tattoos, and no infections. We will continue to use and highly recommend these products.
Kib Baldeo
Owner, House of Colour, Bay Shore, NY
"Truly amazing salve!" "This Real Heal actually works!" "The tattoo salve is a godsend and a must for any medicine cabinet." "It doesn’t irritate my skin." Amazing overnight healing results.." "Real Heal salve cleared up a recurring irritation issue I had..." "My tattoo healed BEAUTIFULLY." It really helped heal my newest tattoos...without some of the issues I had experienced previously..."
I've been tattooing professionally for over a decade and your line of “Real Heal” Tattoo after care products are the BEST on the market...Hands Down! I recommend it to everyone getting tattoos. Thank you for ensuring that my tattoos heal perfectly. Keep up the amazing work!
Rob Lucchesi
Tattoo Artist, Bangor, Maine
Best product I have ever used for the tattoo healing process (and I do have quite a lot). Thin, so it doesn’t suffocate the tattoo, lets it breathe. Also, does not stick to clothing like other alternatives which makes it more comfortable. I swear by the soap as well, feels like it helps heal faster in addition to the salve. Makes your skin feel soft and smells absolutely amazing.
Sam Castro
Tattoo Artist, Amityville, NY
Pandora’s Products are amazing. Pandora's Products help my art live brighter and longer for my clients! I only recommend Pandora's Products to all my client’s to heal their tattoos and piercings.
Nikki Temer
Tattoo Artist, Santa Fe, NM
I endorse Pandora’s Products. My Clients have had nothing but good to say about them. They provide an affordable aftercare made with solid, healthy ingredients!
Eric Stango
Piercer, Waterboro, CT
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