Real Heal Original Tattoo Aftercare/All-Purpose Salve

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Within the first year of releasing Real Heal in the tattoo aftercare market, I received unexpected feedback. While I knew it worked as a fantastic healing agent for cuts and chapped lips, clients mentioned its ability to speed healing for diaper rash, burns, runner’s chaffing, insect bites, and much more. Recently, a friend texted me about a burn; she wanted to know which product of mine worked best.

While NovE/Real Heal Jell-E is a great treatment for calming the skin, I advised her to use the Real Heal Original/All-Purpose Salve she had on hand. Here’s her journey, unedited:

“Gm… Can I use the NovE gel for a burn? Just burned my arm on tea kettle. [Or use] All-purpose salve?”

“Morning! All purpose is better for burns if the skin’s broken (NovE also works if you eve run out of the All-Purpose)”

“Ok ty. Skin not broken, just hurts and red bumps.”

“Yeah, the all purpose will work faster. I’m sorry you hurt yourself!”

“Awe, it’s okay. I just applied it. It just burns.”

Initial Application Immediately After Incident (10:13 a.m.)

“Now the redness [is] going down and no burning! This stuff is great to have on hand!” 

2 Hours After Incident and Application (12:34 p.m.)

“Thank you—you made my day with that! I’m so glad you’re feeling better!”

“Yes! How many times can I apply each day?”

“As many as you want. As long as it’s a thin layer like you had, it’s fine to use as needed.”

“OK thanks”

“Today’s much better. No burning at all. Just a little tender, no blister.”

2 Days After Incident (11:44 a.m.)

“O, my arm is so much better, love the salve.”

3 Days After Incident (10:34 a.m.)

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