6- Week Bootcamp

S.O.S. Nourishment

Secrets of Successful Nourishment

Delicious, Healthy Living for Foodies

If you have high blood pressure, Diabetes II, no energy, are 20+ pounds overweight, and/or hate DIEting, we can reverse all of this. If you feel shaky when you don’t eat for a few hours, we can reduce your glucose readings to 99 or less. It’s more than just nutrition, which is why many of us lived in the yo-yo DIEt world for years… failing, despite restricting foods and counting points. 

I guide overweight folks in designing plant-based, whole food, low-fat meal plans that reduce or eliminate medication and illness without endless tracking or counting. The best part? Your meals still taste good and feel comforting!

“What do I eat to get well? What foods will heal me? What foods are good (or bad) to eat for my condition? I’ve tried it all and NOTHING works!”

A few problems with weight loss programs

You haven't failed, you've only got a sketch of the blueprint
  1. Must count to lose (points, calories, macros, so on)

  2. Must eliminate foods you love (wheat, sugar, eggs, dairy).

    They blame carbs for insulin resistance and this is NOT true. If it were, we’d ALL be insulin resistant. We also wouldn’t see folks like Rip Esselstyn (and his cardiac physician father, Dr. Esselstyn), T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Ornish, Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Douillard, and many others heal patients with grains and legumes. Dr. Ornish’s plan is the ONLY one to reverse serious heart, weight, and health issues… and he doesn’t exclude food groups.

    In contrast, you’ll find the more you eliminate foods, the more you continue to eliminate. Is that the cycle you want to begin, where in the last stages of life, you can only eat about 10 different foods!? 

  3. Keto is the healthiest DIEt for you. Then how come it’s never reversed diseases permanently? How come people can’t sustain it forever? What about the effects on our planet!? Our rising food costs, especially meat & dairy?

    It’s completely unsustainable for humans to rely on meat.

    Look into Dr. Joel Kahn’s book for stats about Atkins vs Ornish. These high-fat, high-meat centered DIEts are garbage for most of us!

  4. Focus on super foods (the list changes daily)

  5. Must choose 100% organic for health (even though our customs department irradiates imported food with bugs, and not all foods are easily available organic, and the USDA is known for accepting bribes.)

  6. Must use supplements because your meal plan is lacking in vitamins or minerals, and our food quality is so poor

  7. Must take a medicine to relieve x, y, z, because “there’s no cure”

  8. The latest trend to trust a government, media, and pharma that we’ve never trusted before… why trust them now? There is ONE magic pill to cure diseases… YOU! There are multiple SIMPLE, natural treatments to get you there, when we focus on ourselves as an individual. The cost of medication rises 5% or more each year, and pharma makes billions or TRILLIONS!?!

    Are these the industries that have your best interest in mind? Wouldn’t you rather live without fear, knowing your body can protect you and Nature has the tools via plant foods!?

  9. I don’t have enough *bandwidth* to do it (willpower, money, time, etc.) How much will you have when you’re lying in a bed, unable to move because of intense pain or overmedication!?

  10. I’ve tried everything. You haven’t. There’s a SIMPLE way to get you the results you want, when you know the missing pieces and focus on them instead of counting the wrong metrics.

  11. Fruits are carbs. THIS IS THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION TELLING YOU THIS!? Are these the people we trust for nutritional advice!? (Maybe if you need a good laugh for the day…) Fruits are not only NOT a carb or sugar you need to worry about, but they contain more vitamins and minerals than many other foods and food groups.  


We'll discuss nutrition, biology, meal mindfulness, eating seasonally, growing your own, and how we've thrived for thousands of years on foods now considered "dangerous" to our health. Let's ditch the trends, marketing gimmicks, promises of quick weight loss... we'll figure out how you can eat plant-based and healthy without sacrifice!


Discover the truth about socially- and eco globally-conscious products. What we put ON our body is as important as what we put it in it. Excess weight and health problems require a full-system-approach. After all, you don't just change the oil in your car—you change the filter, too. ------------------------------------------- Food, clothing, cosmetics, household products… "what do all the labels mean and how can I choose what's important to ME, without the noise of the outside world? How do my purchases affect the big picture? Can I make my own!?"


Ancient Wisdom

Your Senses, Intuition, Movement, Plants, Loving, Exploration are all key factors in creating a life where you focus ONLY on what matters to YOU. I know it sounds like a pipedream to some or too good to be true. My job is to get you to understand the subtleties of your body and shape your environment for success, so this becomes YOUR life. It's more than possible, it's only 6 weeks away...


If you were in my Living S.I.M.P.L.E. [No Cost] webinar, you understand nutrition is only a fraction of health. Most experts focus on one area of health, like nutrition, energy production, exercise, spiritualism, meditation, so on… and that’s great! We need experts obsessed with a specific field, so we can focus on that when needed. 

But… you’ll spend months mastering one area before moving on to the next. And hopefully, you’re motivated enough to KEEP learning new skills in different areas! But I ask, how’s that worked out so far? You need a simple, all systems approach to health. 

Here are some of the most common mistakes I see. These lead to our weight gain, joint pain, diabetes II, and most other lifestyle conditions:

  • Avoiding certain food groups. Carbs, fruits, legumes are not the problem, and they’re needed for your overall digestive health.
  • Rushing in the morning, or starting your day with stress. This sets your day up for failure and causes a burst of weight-gaining hormones.
  • Watching the media, reading emails, going on social media. These are dangerous addictions (yes, they’re all hormonal addictions) that suck away your time and vision for the future YOU want. No wonder it feels hopeless to shed that weight and move without stiffness or pain.
  • You work too many hours to cook healthy meals. I can’t change your work schedule, but we can definitely create healthy routines and meal plans that optimize the time you DO have each day!
  • You’re bored with food or you’re scared “this is just another DIEt program” you can’t sustain. 
  • You frantically put exercise in your daily grind, but hate it
  • You’re intimidated by cooking or shopping for “healthy” foods. 

Most people focus on one area of wellness, leaving out the other vital aspects. I created the SIMPLE™ framework after years of researching Ancient Wisdom and holistic wellness. This framework ties the most powerful aspects of healing together. It incorporates my experiences with creating organic skincare products, plant-based meals, and spiritual teachings. 

Understanding how to live S.I.M.P.L.E. isn’t enough… you need to experience it to KNOW it. It’s time we dig deeper and spend 6-weeks together in a group coaching program. Together, we’ll make living S.I.M.P.L.E. a habit you’ll sustain for the rest of your life.

The Catch...

  • I’ve never offered this coaching program before. I birthed the concept in 2017, but have taught these only as individual pieces. 
  • We’ll go deeper in areas YOU want. If your questions and struggles aren’t mentioned above, help me add it! I need you to help me decide what’s most important for this program…
  • I’m limiting it to 5 founding members. With this small group, you’ll have time to ask specific questions about your health. You have private calls with me during the course, too. Because of this level of interaction, I’m limiting how many people I take in the group. 
  • I need your feedback. Too many people = too much information, and too vague. Our close-knit community makes this an even better bootcamp next time!
  • As a founding member, you’ll help pick the best material for future courses. You’ll have full access to this course and all future bonuses. That means no matter what I give away in the future, you’ll be a part of that! Lifetime membership has its benefits… 😉 
  • Never this investment price again. This course will run for $197 or more. There’s A LOT of information and time I’ll give you: handouts, weekly group calls, 1-on-1 calls, assignments to keep you on track, and years of experience in weight loss and health gain. If you’ve been in any of my previous classes, you know I always over-deliver—this is no different!
  • You must FULLY invest yourself and stay committed to the program. So many of us look for nutritional guidance and weight loss, but our passion to fix it rates at a 6, on a scale of 1-10. It’s something we think about DAILY, but aren’t willing to change our lives for… my friend, I cannot do the work for you. I’ll guide you to the water and show you how important it is to drink it, but I can’t drink it for you.

What Students and Coaching Clients Say...


I was 13 when the ambulance arrived...

They rushed my mother to the hospital and my estranged father jumped in the back, leaving me to clean up the bile covering our efficiency apartment.

We learned she had polyps in her esophagus and colon… and they’d ruptured. We also learned she had diabetes, Hepatitis C, and cirrhosis of the liver from years of a secret alcohol addiction.

I spent the next 15 years navigating the complications of her diet and trying to heal her with herbs and food. I sent her milk thistle for her liver and offered suggestions for beans, minimal grains, and veggies. 

She called me at noon, March 20, 1999—my father had a sudden heart attack in the shower and was dead at 47. His lifelong battle with alcohol had put a deadly strain on his heart that no one expected… 

2 years later, his father passed from a second stroke and emphysema. He refused to stop smoking, despite carrying an oxygen tank everywhere he went. Even with heart disease running in the family, he still enjoyed ice cold coca cola and high sodium, high fat, meat centered, processed meals. 

Bad nutritional advice from western medicine and 10+ prescriptions took mom’s life 2 years later. Within 4 years, I’d lost 3 of the only 4 family I had left.

Every one of died from preventable, REVERSIBLE lifestyle diseases. The worst part? My parents were under 50, and my grandfather was only 75…

Through the years of my family’s health issues, I had my own battles. This is common with most people in high-stress situations, who are dreaming of rising the corporate ladder. Hypothyroidism, morbid obesity, heart palpitations, cervical polyps, and acid reflux. All in my early 20s. I also suffered 2 rounds of kidney stones at 32, and a diagnosis of prediabetes at 43…

I refused to suffer my family’s fate, so I combined western medicine with minor lifestyle changes. I reversed every condition within a year, much to the surprise of my doctor. So can you—this is a common result for hundreds of thousands who take their health into their own hands.

How’d I reverse those diagnosis’s and improve my health over the last few years? By what I call my S.I.M.P.L.E.™ method: using my senses, intuition, movement, plants, love, and exploration.

My dharma is to help you do the same. No one has to lose family prematurely. You don’t have to suffer the side effects of multiple medications, Drs visits, insurance claim denials, let alone the conditions themselves. 

Give me 6 weeks and I’ll prove it to you…

If You're Ready For...

  • Healthy, plant-based recipes that are quick & easy,
  • Knowing how to use those weird ingredients you see so often, like quinoa, tofu, tempeh, kale (even if you’ve had an icky experience with them before… because we all have!),
  • Confidence you have what you need on hand for healthy meals,
  • The world of spices and how they work together, their effects on digestion, and your health,
  • If you want to use more than just salt & pepper because you’re scared of herbs & spices!
  • What foods are good to eat for certain illnesses & what’s NOT good to eat
  • Consistent weight loss (finally!), because you’ve tried it all,


Group coaching isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather have personalized attention, let’s talk!

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