Taking the Hawthorne Effect to the Next Level

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As Eben Pagan says, opportunity is the ability to link 2 seemingly unrelated items/concepts together. It promotes creativity and success, in my opinion.

Here’s an example:

  1. I recently learned about the Hawthorne Effect. Discovered by chance (it wasn’t the purpose of the experiment), it’s the concept that when we believe we’re being watched, we’re more productive. No one has to even actually watch you; it’s just your perception of being watched that increases your output! 
  2. A couple of years ago, I read a book by a prominent mastermind; he shockingly admitted to pretending he was being watched. When struggling with a deep problem, he imagined he was in the room with great leaders… perhaps Washington or Lincoln. They became his mastermind group and he could bounce ideas off of them. 

Here’s the moment of opportunity: 

What if you combine those two effects? You pretend you’re being watched by those you admire… What if the greatest leaders, speakers, or gurus were in the room with you? Would you act, say, do, eat, think differently?

You would: I’ve practiced this technique for 30 years and it raises my game in every situation. 

I consider it free training from those you admire until you can afford them in real life.

  • It trains you for success in the outside world because you practice being your best self in private.
  • You perfect the nuances of your behaviors before you even leave the house.
  • You align your actions with your beliefs.
  • All for free! What’s cooler than that!?!

Your mission: Practice this technique next week and let me know what you find. How’d your actions change? Did you eat differently or perform better? Did you push yourself a “little bit harder” because someone was watching? 

I promise you will!

Read more about the Hawthorne Effect here:

What are your thoughts?

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