A Little Love From the Press…

  • Times Beacon Record Newspapers 2012 – in this article, you’ll learn a bit about my path in creating organic skincare products as well as one of the annual Expo’s I participated in. Womens Expo Article 09-27-12
  • Greater Bay Shore, July 2016 – if you don’t know about the fun venture my husband and I created, check out this article. We’ve combined plant-powered, organic meals and movies, for an experience you can’t beat!
  • Newsday, October 2016 – a little more info about the Food Flix Cinema events that my husband and I host at Cyrus Chai & Coffee Co in BayShore, NY.
  • Edible Long Island, August 2017 – here’s a snippet about The Golden Sparrow, where I deliver daily nourishment to the patrons of Bayport, NY!
  • America’s SBDC New York 2018– my counseling with the SBDC of Long Island allowed me the unique opportunity to promote myself in their network. The final event I catered and spoke at before leaving Long Island on December 17th was an Empowerment Group held by my SBDC mentor, Ann Garbarino. Women’s Empowerment Circle 12-06-18

About My Tattoo Aftercare…

Artists Feedback:

  • Pandora’s Products are amazing. Pandoras Products help my art live brighter and longer for my clients! I only recommend Pandoras Products to all my client’s to heal their tattoos and piercings.  -Nikki Temer, Santa Fe Talisman Tattoo & Piercing, Santa Fe, NM 
  • Ive been tattooing professionally for over a decade and your line of “Real Heal” Tattoo after care products are the BEST on the market….Hands Down! I recommend it to everyone getting tattoos.  Thank you for ensuring that my tattoos heal perfectly.  Keep up the amazing work! -Rob Lucchesi, Forecastle Tattoo, Bangor, ME
  • During the past fifteen years in the Tattooing and Permanent Cosmetics Industries we have used several aftercare products that are common in the industry. Some of these products did nothing, while others caused more problems than helped. The overwhelming majority of these products are petroleum base ointments thereby producing an environment for bacterial growth and subsequent infections.  Over the past few years, we have been introduced to a far superior and organic aftercare product made by Pandoras Products. Real Heal Tattoo Salve combined with Real Heal Foaming soap make the perfect pair in tattoo care. With their all-natural ingredients, these products are not only used by our own artists but are recommended to all our clients who have experienced shorter healing time, better and brighter results in colour retention in their tattoos, and no infections. We will continue to use and highly recommend these products. – Kib Baldeo, House of Colour, Bay Shore, NY
  • Best product I have ever used for the tattoo healing process (and I do have quite a lot). Thin, so it doesn’t suffocate the tattoo, lets it breathe. Also, does not stick to clothing like other alternatives which makes it more comfortable. I swear by the soap as well, feels like it helps heal faster in addition to the salve. Makes your skin feel soft and smells absolutely amazing. -Sam Castro, Albuquerque, NM 
  • I endorse Pandora’s Products. My Clients have had nothing but good to say about them. They provide an affordable aftercare made with solid, healthy ingredients! -Eric Stango, Lifestyles LLC, CT

Public Feedback:

  • Truly amazing salve! After 1st use it cleared up the itching, reduced swelling and the infection from a bug bite on my ankle overnight. My ankle continued to heal as salve was applied to the point it eliminate any evidence of an infection or bug bite. AAAAAAmazing! Could not be more satisfied and works great as a lip balm too!! -John B, Babylon, NY 
  • This “real heal” actually works! I love the fact that it is all organic and it is not greasy at all. Very easy to blend into my skin and doesn’t stick to my clothes. I recommend this “real heal” to anyone, especially if you just got a tattoo! Freaking awesome! -I.M. BUDDY, Lakeland, FL 
  • Not only does this stuff smell amazing, it actually works! I’ve used so many messy, gooey, ointments for my fresh tattoos in the past. They got all over my clothes and made my skin uncomfortable. Pandora’s products actually soothe your skin while it heals. The tattoo salve is a godsend and a must for any medicine cabinet. -Kristi Schartow, San Francisco, CA 
  • I love this salve. It has a pleasant and aromatic smell- not unnatural or too overpowering. It actually works and helps my skin to heal faster and evenly after being tattooed. It isn’t too greasy and has a good consistency to it and is easy to blend into your skin. It doesn’t irritate my skin and also helps the swelling, redness, and tenderness to be diminished faster after usage. I also love that it’s vegan! 100% recommend. -Bloo, NY 
  • My lower leg ulcer closed up overnight after using the Real Heal All-Purpose Salve, and my vein thrombosis is healing better then it ever has before. I have never seen it look and feel better then after using this salve. Amazing overnight healing results and it continues to get better and heal as I continue using it! -Joe B, North Babylon, NY 
  • Awesome Alicia!! Your Real Heal salve cleared up a recurring irritation issue I had on my face from my glasses. Nothing I tried helped it. Just a few days of using your product cleared it up. It smells great too!!! -Eric Camier, North Babylon, NY 
  • I just wanted to tell you how much I love the real heal salve (I have the original version with the beeswax). My tattoo healed BEAUTIFULLY. I try to use only organic and natural products (as much as humanly possible), and I’m so so happy that my artist (Jade at Ink Sanctuary in Islip) gave me your product. Seriously…it’s awesome. Just wanted to let you know!  Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you want! -Suzanna 
  • Hello there, I started using the tattoo healing salve back in October. I absolutely loved it. It really helped heal my newest tattoos beautifully and without some of the issues I had experienced previously because of my skin being so sensitive to perfumes. Unfortunately, I’m about to run out and would really love to purchase some more from you, so I have it on hand before my next session. Can you let me know what kind of pricing it would be? Where/how I can get this again?   So many aftercare products are just too greasy or contain chemicals that irritate my skin, causing breakouts and other problems.  I do hope for your continued success with the products you create. You can absolutely use my email for a testimonial. -Theresa Z

About My Meals…

Any testimonials on this website are based on individual results and do not constitute a guarantee that you will achieve the same results.  Please check ingredients for possible allergens.