The Humanity Prayer

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In a time of uncertainty and growing fear, I’ve adapted a familiar chant for you.

Here’s the concept as it unfolded in my morning meditation:

May You Be Happy: send this around the world, to every living being enclosed in our atmosphere.

May You Be Healthy: the stronger we are mentally, emotionally, and physically, the faster we get to the other side of this issue. Negative stress weakens our immune system.

May You Be Free From Fear: envision those who are living in fear, unnecessarily hoarding supplies from the rest of the world. In the standard rendition of this chant, these people are the people you don’t like. In this adaptation, it’s anyone stockpiling supplies. Wish them eased fear, so they know we’re safe and there’s no need to remove the safety from others.

Check the CDC’s website for the facts and avoid media hype. Mute, block, or delete as needed. Remove yourself from the growing stream of fear. Factually, this isn’t as bad as it appears; but that doesn’t mean you should take this lightly. COVID-19 is a deadly virus with no cure or vaccine—Awareness is different than Fear. Offer your thoughts to those who struggle with excess fear. 

A woman and I shared a wonderful moment in the store last night, both searching for paper supplies that were necessary for livelihood (not just for comfort). Her husband is going thru chemo and uses copious amounts of toilet paper during treatments. She also works in a nursing home, desperately struggling with patient needs and protocol. She remains positive and calm, despite her potential to live in fear.

It’s connections like this we need in times of chaos. This is one way we progress humanity—sharing our struggles without them owning us.

Let her story be a reminder for all we have, as well as the power of our thoughts. Stay present… fear lives only in the future. Think of others before you plan for the apocalypse that will not arrive. Remember how strong the human species truly is, and how amazing it is to be alive today. We’ll overcome this. #BeTheBest

What are your thoughts?

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