The Secret Doctors Don’t Want You to Know…

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The secret: medicine is meant to alleviate symptoms, not heal you.
That’s a faulty system. It’s a marketing system built on keeping you as a returning client—with no investment in truly healing you.

It’s also a system that keeps you feeling helpless and hopeless.

Doctor: To repair, esp. in a makeshift manner. To falsify or change. To add ingredients to. Synonym: fake, falsify, administer, bias, contaminate, cure, fix.

That’s what you’ll find in the American Heritage Dictionary and Thesaurus. Does that sound like an industry that will help you change and heal? In most instances, no.

I became fascinated with alternative healing in my early 20s. My mother was chronically ill and, as you can see by her messages below, western medicine gave us conflicting rules for her care. It’s a little long, but please focus on her words… they’re important.

More importantly, these messages help you understand why I serve. This is a woman who laughed, taught me to cook, saved my ass when I procrastinated on science projects, and helped me create a ghost story for another school project. It took 15 years of medication and hope/helplessness to turn that smile into the person sharing these thoughts… because she didn’t have the tools I found:

  • I am over medicated. I’m now taking two narcotics that are necessary, yet, the dosage is way too high.  I’m also overloaded with water pills that help only once in awhile. Why take so many when I have reached the point of being drained once every week to once a month? It doesn’t make sense to me. I am on three stomach medications.  Why?
  • I understand that they want me to be as comfortable as possible.  I thank them for that.  I just want to feel alive.  I don’t want to feel like a vegetable.
  • I make mistakes with my spelling and spacing at times. I think I remember how to type, even if it is still slow and hunt and peck. (DUH).
  • With all the drs appointments, living will orders, pharmacy, etc, occasionally, fast food restaurants are the only way to go…
  • I fall enough as it is-I have no coordination.
  • I’m trying to energize myself.   I really want to accomplish things around here.  It can take a lot of time, but it’s better than being a vegetable and sleeping time away.
  • I had a blackout during my procedure-they took 5-1/2 liters of excess fluid. I blacked out again once I got home, then we had Arby’s as a treat.
  • It’s all a part of my illness—incoherent, memory loss, not being able to hold a plate of food or drink… falling asleep in a chair.
  • I’ve been depressed. I’m so tired of being tired and sick so much of the time. My patience is about to wear out.
  • I’m adjusting to new meds… they drained out 3 gallons of fluid from my stomach!
  • I do what I’m told and it’s yet to help. My feet and legs are giving me a hell of a time-they’re swollen and look sunburned. I need another med for that-an antibiotic
  • They do what they can to keep me comfortable; I don’t know about it healing me at all.
  • I’m Feeling yuck and having panic attacks
  • I’m still fighting… sadly enough, I’m losing. I try so hard and I fight a losing battle each and every day. I don’t have more than 2-3 months left. I’m not ready to journey on. I don’t want to leave you.
  • The morphine isn’t working like it’s supposed to. The swelling makes me feel like I have broken ribs, as well as broken toes. I have to use the oxygen tank when I sleep at night.
  • It really bothers me I can’t do much anymore. I feel useless and worthless. It’s such a horrible feeling.
  • My blackouts are caused by the toxins in my system that my liver can’t flush out. It’s becoming more often than not.
  • I should be watching cartoons, not talking about DNR orders!
  • I’m beginning to feel like a test rabbit.
  • Les does the shopping-I move too slowly to go anymore.
  • I was eating an ice cream sandwich and fell asleep. When Les came home, he found me asleep in the ice cream. I was a mess- he had to take my reading so I can take my insulin.
  • I’m still not eating right. I try to eat lunch every day-I don’t have an appetite. I haven’t eaten since yesterday and I’m still not hungry.
  • We all have our cross to bear—mine is my illness.
  • My ulcer’s acting up because we’re in dire straits financially. We can’t afford a diabetic grocery list.
  • I prefer writing shorter messages so I can keep my train of thought without repeating myself a dozen times or more.
  • I just haven’t been feeling right. I’m so bloated and it’s causing me to have a lot of pressure on my upper abdomen. THIS WAS MOM’S LAST EMAIL, 1 WEEK BEFORE SHE PASSED.

Her illness and journey became my inspiration to get healthier as I age. I’m honored to help others do the same… it’s not about discarding western medicine. It’s more than just nutrition and cooking, though that is my #1 “thing” I do—it’s the most important thing to our success.

But it’s also about our brain health, our thoughts, our focus, our dreams, and our quest for being the best at what we want to do.

Next week, I’ll continue this story and explain why I’m discontinuing my online courses. For now, I just needed to share the personal words of the person who inspired me and put me here in front of you. There’s NO reason she ever had to utter these words or have these feelings. I do all I do for her… using the tenacity and drive my father gave me.

Does this look like a man who taught me to accept trends?

My goal is simple: To Empower you to understand your own Body, Mind, and Spirit better, working with Nature, not against her. Until September 19, you have access to my 5 online courses at a 50% discount. As of the 20th, I start teaching on Zoom and (soon) live—not only are my online classes not available at the discount price, they’re no longer available. Bye bye, see ya later, gone! 😉

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What are your thoughts?

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