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There Is a Middle Road Between Medicine and Nature… I’m Here To Help You Find It

I’m an urban girl from a metropolis area of the south currently living on Long Island, New York. I have a Master of Arts in Holistic Wellness, am a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Elder Greenfire Wisewoman. I’m also a certified coach.


I’ve spent over 20 years researching and teaching Ancient forms of healing in its multiple forms while working for medical doctors and insurance companies. I’ve taught cooking demos at libraries, schools, farms, and at organic cafés. Through teaching others, I’ve learned a few things about myself:

  • I LOVE talking about nutrition, energy healing, herbs, essential oils & skincare.
  • I LOVE connecting with people.
  • I LOVE offering complementary alternatives to standard western medicine.
  • I LOVE watching that lightbulb go off when I explain how simple nutrition is & how people can easily avoid the confusion from the media, friends and family.
  • I LOVE researching various ailments & cures and finding a pattern within it all.


My mission is to help you cut through the confusion you see and hear about being healthy. I do this because of my own experiences with health concerns — and losing my family at an early age. I want to give you my superpower — get a diagnosis from western medicine and responsibly follow a Holistic, natural, sensible, empowered existence.


May 1, 1993, Paul McCartney Changed the Direction of My Life

McCartney’s concert began with a 5-minute video of what happens in factory farms, furriers, and zoos. I watched in horror as I saw what happens to animals we consume for their flesh or use as clothing/shoes/accessories. That concert was it for me. I haven’t touched meat since that day.


But in the 1990s there were VERY limited choices for vegetarian food. This is now the 2020s and I’m amazed at how few options my husband Rob and I have for healthy food when we travel. We follow a whole food, plant-powered, low-fat diet… not the easiest request to fill, apparently! So, after countless weddings and parties with no options of vegetarian food available, I knew something had to give. I had to be the change for others like us.


Rob and I are lucky we both love to cook, we’re good at it, and we have adventurous palates. We fill the void by hitting up a grocery store wherever we travel, so we can whip up healthy meals. And when a friend eased off a water detox in 2007 and asked me to make raw meals to ease her back into solid food, I jumped at the chance. She told her friends; they told others, and it all began. I created wraps for a health food/smoothie shop since 2005, so private clients were a natural progression.


In 2015, I rented a kitchen in a health food store in Riverhead and became the first 100% plant-based, organic/non-GMO, seasonal, low-fat meal delivery service focused on the health needs and tastes of my clients. A year later, the owner of The Golden Sparrow approached me to cook at her cafe. I was also doing cooking demos at libraries and an organic farm in East Islip, along with co-hosting monthly “Dinner and a Movie” events with Rob at a coffee shop in Bay Shore.


My life has revolved around medicine and cooking… years of immersing myself in these fields has brought me to where I am today. I use Ancient Wisdom as the foundation for healing — healing forms that have been around for thousands of years… before health became such a gigantic business.


Like you, I see the health information online, what’s portrayed on the news as the latest fad, and the comments from friends and family when someone poses a health question. Friends and family, though well-meaning, are often getting advice from online sources that aren’t always accurate. Nutritional misinformation runs rampant in Western Societies — truly first-world problems.


How Do I Sift Through Endless Information To Determine What’s Accurate Or What’s Potentially Dangerous, So I Can Translate That To You?

In short, it’s because of my decades of practice, my continuing educational background, and having experts I can access instantly. I follow MDs and those with PhDs who are referencing credible sources, like medical journals and publications. I know how to read research papers and extract information from them.


I also study ancient forms of healing that have worked with Nature for thousands of years and understand human biology and evolution. It’s why friends and clients call me a beacon of truth; I have the resources and experience to get answers quickly. I also openly admit if I don’t have an answer, and where my friends can turn.


The information you’ll find in my blogs, emails, and courses comes from credited textbooks or continuing education courses offered by reputable physicians or experts.


My goal is to give you insight on how to get from point A to B. No matter what your specific point A and B are, the process is SIMPLE™… let’s move you from confusion and ailments to empowerment and thriving health.


There Is No Magic Pill To Health

You and I have similar goals. We want to be healthy; we want our loved ones to be healthy and we don’t want to spend a fortune getting there. You found me because you want a better life. The quick route to health conditions doesn’t exist  — nor is there a magic pill or quick route to health. But together, we can create lifestyle habits that ease health concerns.


If you’ve made it to the end of this, thank you. I honor your diligence and readiness to change your life for the better. If you aren’t ready for transformation, I get it… it takes time. Until then, book mark my site, pop around for some information, check out upcoming events, or jump on my email list to get to know my teachings better.


If you are ready to take back your health or elevate it to the next level, you can reach me HERE. I look forward to working with you!

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