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You’re probably asking who I am. Maybe you’re curious about my credentials, or you just wanna know how I got to this point. There are a few things I remember clearly about my childhood:

  • I wanted to be a vet
  • I was cooking for my parents and their friends at an early age and loved to be in the kitchen
  • I was always in trouble for asking too many questions
  • I loved to research and write reports
  • I loved to read mysteries and parables and create mandalas from kitchen utensils 

I’m an urban girl from a metropolis area of the south (like west-coast-of-Florida-south), now living in eastern Suffolk County, NY. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, a Master of Arts in Holistic Wellness, am a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Elder Greenfire Wisewoman.

I’ve spent over 20 years researching natural and alternative forms of healing. I’ve spent that time also watching trends come and go, and the same trends were given new life under a new name. Think “amino sweet,” which is just another name for aspartame—a fresh marketing gimmick for a highly dangerous product.

Because of all my research, I’ve vowed to stick with tried, true, and more logical, scientific remedies. I’ve also spent over a decade working in health insurance, auto/home insurance, have worked for pediatric gastroenterologist’s as well as chiropractors, and have fought on both sides of medical claims to get Dr’s paid or not paid. I’ve seen all sides of our sick care model, and understand how and why they work.

I’ve been confused. I’ve lost my loved ones to diseases, after spending years caring for them and giving them solid, sound advice. I’ve had my own health battles. I’ve been frustrated by the information/misinformation out there.

I needed alternatives. People soon began asking me to explain how I got those alternatives.

My calling wasn’t a magical lightbulb that went off one morning. I didn’t awaken under a tree, knowing my purpose. In fact, I fought long and hard to AVOID being here. I’m an only child, a right-brained introvert who loves to read, write, play board games, and cook.

I had such terrible stage fright that in high school, I skipped a full semester of private vocal lessons, in an attempt to avoid my senior recital. (I went to an art school magnet program in high school, where my focus was classical vocal training.) I almost didn’t graduate the program. In college, I nearly failed the ONE acting class I needed to get my degree. I hated being on stage, and never understood how people wanted to be teachers or actors. I nearly vomited before every performance and no matter how many performances there were throughout the years, I never could adjust to the sheer terror of it.

When I share this story with people, they’re rightfully puzzled. I’ve been teaching about wellness in its various forms for nearly a decade. I’ve taught cooking demos at libraries, local farms, and at organic cafés. I usually teach complete strangers, and never know how big of an audience I’ll have in front of me. But a few things are true about me:

  • I LOVE talking about nutrition, energy healing, herbs, essential oils, and skincare. I get such an intense rush of energy after teaching, that it takes me a couple of hours to ground my energy.
  • I LOVE connecting with people. Deeply connecting.
  • I LOVE offering complementary alternatives to standard western medicine.
  • I LOVE watching that lightbulb go off when I explain how simple nutrition is, and how people can easily avoid the confusion from the media, friends and family.
  • I LOVE researching various ailments and cures and finding a pattern within it all.

So how can I do this, yet have such gripping stage fright?

Simply put, my passion for healing is greater than my fear of the stage. 

My mission, or calling, is to help people cut through all of the confusion they see and hear about being healthy. I do this because of my own experiences of loss and confusion.

I want people to be able to do what I do—get the diagnosis from western medicine, and responsibly follow a Holistic and natural, sensical and empowered existence.

Wait, wait…lemme explain what I mean by “responsibly follow a Holistic existence.”

I have seen countless schemes and scams in both western and alternative medicine fields. Wherever money is involved, there will be scams. (It reminds me of the end of “Clue,” when Tim Curry mentions “Capitalism…what can be more American than that?”)

I’ve seen people with cancer get a ray of hope of healing because they’re told a foot bath can detox their system and cure them. I’ve also seen drugs prescribed for one disease, that will actually CAUSE a different disease that patient is trying to regulate. The infamous Lipitor was prescribed for someone who’s diabetic…guess what one of the side effects of Lipitor is? You guessed it…it’s diabetes.

There is a middle road between medicine and nature, and I’m here to help you find it.

In 1991, I became a vegetarian because it was the cool and different thing to do in high school. I went to an art school, so being different wasn’t always the easiest thing to achieve. But being artsy, you always try to be even weirder! And hey–I loved animals and wanted to be a vet as a kid. So being a vegetarian seemed to fit the bill of helping animals AND being even weirder (back then, eating organic was unheard of, as was being a vegetarian…except by the elite few who I now owe my life’s work to!).

As you may or may not know, with any habit, goal, or change, it needs to be in line (i.e. congruent) with your entire being. There can be no discrepancy in your mind and body if you want to succeed.

Unfortunately, there was a discrepancy for me. I didn’t want to be a vegetarian for the right reasons. So I slowly went back to the meat while working at McDonald’s, despite the stomach pain I endured at each turn of reintroducing a new type of flesh into my system. See, once you stop eating a food, your body loses the ability to process it properly, and the ingestion of that food can be likened to food poisoning. (On a very basic level, it truly is food poisoning, as you lose the enzymes that once broke down that compound. But more on that in later teachings.)  And yes…I worked for the epitome of evil corporations, with regard to what I do now…I’m obviously still burning off some of that karma!

May 1, 1993, Paul McCartney changed the direction of my life—his concert in Atlanta started with a 5-minute video of what happens in factory farms, furriers, zoos and the like. We all watched in horror, as we saw what happens to animals who are consumed for their flesh or used as clothing/shoes/accessories. That concert was it for me. I haven’t touched meat since that day.

The lightbulb went off, and the images kept flashing through my head for days. Suddenly, that congruency occurred. I remembered why I wanted to be a vet as a child, and I realized I was eating the flesh of an animal that I would be saving as an animal doctor.

To those who blindly claim we all know what happens to animals, that children naturally know by instinct that we shouldn’t eat animals, that is an incorrect statement. People do NOT know. Children know what they are taught, save for the handful of enlightened kids you see on YouTube videos. So no…not everyone knows because I didn’t. I didn’t REALLY know.

I needed to be taught, and that is why I now teach. To expose the truth.

In those days, you had VERY limited choices for vegetarian food. Dear goddess, those of you who were vegetarians/vegans in the 60’s and 70’s, my hat goes off to you-I honour the sheer willpower it took. Did you just eat twigs n berries? I had to suffer through tofu crumbles, and that was 20-30 years AFTER you! ????

Point is, I knew how hard it was to find food (forget trying to eat HEALTHY vegetarian food for a second-I just wanted to EAT something…ANYTHING!). Taco Bell was a dear friend (and yes, employer–where the hell do you think I learned to make wraps so well!?! If you don’t know me, I am the Wrap Queen, and even have a YouTube video to explain the proper method). Taco Bell offered vegetarian beans, a good amount of veggies, and no cheese as options.

Fast forward about 20 years, to me looking for HEALTHY options to eat, while eating out. My husband Rob and I are lucky that we both love to cook, are pretty good at it, and have adventurous palates. But after countless weddings and parties with no options of vegetarian food available to us, something had to give. This is now the 2000’s, and we’re struggling for vegetarian options!?! I’m still amazed and disgusted when we travel, at how few options we have for healthy food. We follow a whole food, plant-powered, low-fat diet…not the easiest request to apparently fill!

We fill the void by hitting up a grocery store in whatever town we’re staying in, so we can whip up a healthier option. Unfortunately, there’s no place like home, as we usually don’t have a way to heat up food when we’re out…salad bars are a gold mine!

When I worked in Corporate America in the 1990’s-2000’s, lunch was always gruelling for me. I purposely even changed my lunch break, so it didn’t coincide with everyone else’s. It was always a constant borage of questions about what I ate because it smelled so exotic and different. Most of the time, it wasn’t even all that international, which made an impression on how stuck we are in our food routines.

As you know by now, I hated the attention, despite my love for discussing food with close friends. (Some things never change luckily, and now I get to discuss food for a living!)

Back to the current era. In 2007, Rob and I went to a friend’s wedding. I was on a 2-week raw soup detox. There was literally NOTHING I could eat. Not even a salad that could be made with no dressing, which though it would be cheating, would at least have made me feel like I belonged at the wedding. Alas…

Nothing. I had water. Probably with lemon in it, because “I’m one of those lemon water people,” as Rob and I jokingly say.

I’d had it. At that point, I realized I had to be the change. When a friend was easing off a water fast in 2007 and asked me to make raw meals for her to ease back into eating, I jumped at the chance to help. She told her friends, they told more, and so it all began. I had made wraps when my husband worked for a health food/smoothie place in 2005, so private clients seemed like a wise progression.

  • A couple of years later, I eased back on private catering a wee bit to focus on marketing my organic skincare products. It’s A LOT easier in the legal sense, but is, unfortunately, harder to market! Fate intervened once again in 2013, and I began offering food at a juice bar in Babylon Village.
  • By 2015, circumstances again led to me expanding the food business, forcing me to now step back from the skincare business. I rented a kitchen in a health food store in Riverhead that a friend owns, and started marketing myself more and more, as the sole 100% plant-powered, organic/non-GMO, seasonal, low fat, meal delivery service that focuses on individual needs and tastes of my clients. That niche still holds true, unfortunately. A year later, I was approached by the owner of The Golden Sparrow Market to cook at her cafe. I had been doing cooking demos at libraries and organic farm in East Islip and was co-hosting monthly Dinner and a Movie events with my husband at Cyrus Coffee in Bay Shore. I was looking to connect more with people again, so I took the job.

My life has revolved around medicine and cooking…years of immersing myself in these fields has brought me to where I am now. I use Eastern medicine as a foundation for my studies–these forms of medicine have been around for thousands of years and were developed before capitalism and money took over the medical profession. In the days of Ancient China, physicians were paid only when people were well—the goal was to keep patients healthy.

Like you, I see all the health information online, the comments from your friends and family when you pose a problem, and what’s portrayed on the news as the latest fad. Friends and family though well-meaning, are often getting advice from online sources that aren’t always accurate.

That doesn’t mean everything you read online is incorrect or a scam. There is a wealth of information at our fingertips and as Mel Abraham would say, the problem is not having a lack of information. The problem is having an interpreter to help you understand it.

So how do I sift through the endless pieces of information, to determine what’s accurate, what’s sound, or what’s potentially dangerous and translate that to you? 

In short, years of practice, my educational background, and having experts I can access instantly.

I follow MD’s and those with PhD’s who are referencing credible sources, like medical journals and publications. I also study ancient forms of healing that worked with nature thousands of years ago and understand human biology and evolution. That’s why I’m a beacon of truth to my friends; I have the resources and experience to get answers quickly. I also openly admit if I don’t have an answer, and where my friends can turn.

I’m a researcher by trade—I have incredible memories of my youth spent in libraries, researching for school and many times, for my own enjoyment. Years of experience has taught me how to sift through articles quickly for what could be misleading and potentially dangerous.

Most of the information you’ll find in my blogs, posts, and my programs come from textbooks or continuing education courses offered by reputable physicians or experts.

It’s also contrary to what you’ll find as “popular” nutrition. 

Knowing the source of your information is extremely important, as well as where that source got their information. Is it a self-proclaimed healer or coach, who is great at a pitch, but really can’t back up where their information is coming from? Are they citing actual research or medical studies and offering you alternative insight? Are the studies they cite double-blind?

A double-blind study is where neither the subjects nor the experimenters know which subjects are in the test group or control group, and neither side has a vested interest in the outcome, whether it be a financial or personal interest.

The word “doctor” originates from Latin, meaning “teacher.” Unfortunately, the word also means to “change information, figures, etc. in order to deceive other people.” (Oxford English Dictionary, 7th edition.) 

Read that last paragraph again. A Dr can teach you, or change information to their benefit.

In our culture, physicians have 7 minutes to see their patients, at best. Modern medicine is often concerned with easing symptoms, rather than actually looking for a cure. Your concern needs to be getting a diagnosis, so you can research the actual cause of the condition, and look for ways to cure it.

To be fair, most Dr’s have little training in nutrition, and spend a great deal of their medical school training, in worrying about drug interactions. They also face gruelling schedules, because of insurance company requirements. Add to that, the stress of having someone’s life in your hands, and they indeed have their hands full. Most patients hardly listen to the advice their Dr is giving them, so “what’s the point? Give them a pill, because that’s what the public wants.”

My goal with the information shared is to give you insight in how to get from point A to B, faster than I did, and without any BS. No matter what your specific point A and B are, the process is similar…getting you from confusion and ailments to empowerment and thriving health.

There are no trends I’ll give you and in fact, I may disagree with popular trends you’ve heard of. Actually, the chances are pretty high, that I’ll go against what you’ve heard. I have a dirty reputation for being a little “fire starter” or trouble-maker. I’ve had that reputation since I was a child, and was often told by teachers and various authority figures, that the answers to my questions were irrelevant and I needed to trust and stop asking so many questions.

My world hasn’t changed much over the years!

You and I have similar fears…we want to be healthy, we want our loved ones to be healthy, and we don’t want to spend a fortune getting there. I’m not going to give you any shortcuts—if you want a magic pill or quick route to health, this is unfortunately not the place for you.

There is no magic pill, nor a quick route to health. Like sickness, this is an ongoing process. You didn’t get to wherever you are overnight, nor can you leave there overnight. You found me because you want a better life. I challenge you to get to the next level of true wellness!

Despite how it seems, nothing I’m sharing with you is an actual secret. In today’s mainstream culture though, the truth is often hidden beneath a web of gimmicks and toys—my goal is to expose the gimmicks, uncover truths for you, and plant a seed so you know how to properly research for yourself.

What are your thoughts?

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