These Are the 2 Reasons I Serve…

Mom-Dad 1976
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These 2 people are the reason I serve you.

It’s a picture of my parents, circa 1976. Happy, healthy, loving individuals…

You’ve heard bits and pieces of my story throughout the years: in workshops, emails, friendly conversations, or during mentoring. I grew up fast, hard, and not under the best circumstances. My parents did the best they could, but they weren’t equipped for life… 

They gave up their dreams of being a teacher (mom) and architect (dad). 

There wasn’t a deep connection to “why” they wanted those things; when times got rough, they fell into complacency and troubled lives. March 2020 marks 21 years since my father died suddenly; February is 17 years since mom passed. Some days, telling their story and how it made me who I am is easy. 

During the winter, alone, recording my story for online classes… it’s difficult to hold myself together. Even as I write this, I’m painfully aware of how lost I often feel without their presence.

I’m blessed for the gifts they gave me and perhaps, letting go of their lives. Only the Divine knows where I’d be if they were still here, but I guarantee I wouldn’t have positively affected as many souls as I have.

The recording I’m sharing is raw and unedited… I want you to understand why I serve you. 

I want you to dig deep and find out what moves you forward every day.

I hate watching people give up their dreams and settle for “the safe life”—I’ve experienced what that does to a family.

When things get rough, this is why I push through and fight to make a difference in your life. I never want anyone else to feel like this… no one should ever lose their parents to preventable diseases.

Neither of them lived to 50…

Listen to the clip here…

What are your thoughts?

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