What World Do You Want to Live In?

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We’ve become very disconnected from the planet on which our existence depends. If you’ve ever travelled overseas, you understand life is very different in older civilizations. They don’t market the words “local, organic, farm-fresh, natural,” as much as Americans. You won’t find a ton of health trends. The roads and cars are smaller, houses share community trash bins, and there aren’t as many semi-trailers on the highways.

It’s a blanket observation and not all countries are like that… alternatively, some places in America maintain older, simpler, thoughts about living with nature. (Maine is one such place, which is why we moved there December ’17). As a norm, American culture has forgotten our origins. Perhaps that’s on purpose… we left our old homelands to create a new life in a new world.

As with all teenagers, we think we know better than our parents did.

We’re imprisoned by Capitalism. We’re a slave to the lies of Corporations interested in our dollars rather than our actual welfare. We’re distracted by trends and social media that purposely fire rounds of hormones to keep us in a constant state of addiction. We spray chemicals on the very weeds that are medicine for ancient cultures, forgetting we all live in an enclosed ecosystem. Our planet shares the same air and drinks the same water.

There’s no magical bubble we individually claim as our own space; we are part of a larger ripple.

Corporations own our medical system… they want us to believe a pill

  • will allow us to lose weight,
  • eliminates heartburn,
  • reduces our need to worry about controlling blood sugar,
  • will regulate our water levels,
  • blocks certain neurotransmitters or causes others to fire correctly.

Physicians have 7 minutes (at best) to counsel their patients. Modern medicine’s concern is easing symptoms, NOT looking for a cure. Most physicians can’t even advise you about nutrients lacking on your blood tests! Your concern needs to be getting a diagnosis, so you can research the actual cause of your condition. Only then can you decide how to cure your ailment.

Why should you do that, when your Dr says this pill will help with cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and you need not change your diet or exercise? Because those pills all have side effects, including the creation of more serious illnesses or death. Your life is in YOUR hands, not theirs.

Sadly, the greatest medicine they could give you is the one aspect they learn little about… Nutrition.

Most MD’s only have a few curricula hours training in nutrition. They spend most of their 8-years of medical school training worrying about drug interactions and malpractice laws.

When they begin their actual medical practice, they face gruelling schedules because of insurance company requirements. Add the stress of having someone’s life in your hands, and they indeed have their hands full. Most patients rarely listen to the advice their Dr is giving them, so “what’s the point? Give them a pill; that’s what the public wants.”

The word “doctor” originates from a Latin word meaning “teacher.” Unfortunately, the word also means to “change information, figures, etc. to deceive other people.” (Oxford English Dictionary, 7th edition.)


So, what’s the solution?

You and I have similar fears… we want to be healthy, we want our loved ones to be healthy, and we don’t want to spend a fortune getting there. I won’t give you any shortcuts—if you want a magic pill or quick route to health, I’m not the Influencer for you.

Like sickness, thriving wellness is an ongoing process. You didn’t get wherever you are overnight, nor can you leave there overnight. You found me because you want a better life.

I challenge you to enjoy the next level of true wellness!

Despite how it seems, nothing I’ll share with you is a secret. In today’s mainstream culture, they often hide the truth beneath a web of gimmicks and toys—my goal is to expose the gimmicks, uncover truths for you, and plant a seed so you know how to research effectively.

That’s the solution I offer… Empowering you to make clear decisions for the best level of health you and your family can enjoy.

With Hope, Grace & Ancient Wisdom,


P.S. Let me know your biggest struggle in your life or share your “favorite” trend!

What are your thoughts?

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