Why Cruelty-Free?

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I ask you to stay with me to the end; we can no longer continue to claim ignorance.

My job is to educate you on healing your body in the most humane, holistic manner possible. The content I’m sharing happens daily, yet is unnecessary in the modern world. Human cells are the most accurate tool for measuring the safety of products for human use.

I hope you’ve noticed the cruelty-free certification on my products. I’ll explain what it means for a company to be cruelty-free or certified cruelty-free.

My company is certified cruelty-free through Leaping Bunny, a subset of NEAVS (New England Anti-Vivisection Society). This means: all my suppliers sign forms annually, stating they are cruelty-free; I certify I use cruelty-free methods, when making my products; no animal testing takes place in any part of the production process.

I am also listed as a cruelty-free company with PETA, and have supported their mission since 1994. (I do not agree with all their methods, but I am grateful for the resources and education they provide to the public.)CCIC Certificate copy

I do not test on animals.  I do not support suppliers who test on animals.

I test on people, because people are buying and using my products. Yes, our rambunctious Calico occassionally gets in a scuffle and has a scratch or sore—I use Real Heal on her, and the wound heals. But she gave me a “sniffing approval,” prior to the first application, as animals will do, with herbs and essential oils. 😉

Why is it important to be cruelty-free and support cruelty-free companies?


I’ve been involved in animal rights since 1994… I support companies who don’t test on animals, because it never made sense to test cosmetics, cigarettes, drugs, etc. on animals. Is it necessary in this era to put bleach in a rabbit’s eyes, to test its harm to a human eye? Do we need to shave rabbits raw, douse them with shaving cream, just to see if it burns naked, raw human skin?

The excuses for animal testing are endless, and you might be surprised at the products that still use these barbaric methods.

A few methods commonly employed by animal testing laboratories:

Head “gear” for brain testing
images (2)
Surgical sutures after brain testing. Rats and mice are one of the most common species used in testing.
images (1)
Neglect, abuse, skin-eating compounds used for “safety” testing. It’s hard to say what killed this animal first.
Rabbits are one of the “favorite” animals for the testing of cosmetics and household cleaning products.
download (1)
Monkeys are active and like most creatures, will use force to escape pain. They require confinement to keep them still.

You must know what happens in labs, if you want to make an educated decision. Knowledge is power. My mission is to liberate animals, provide safe products for my clients, and allow the world a chance to heal with natural products. It’s that simple.

Please choose cruelty-free companies and research the products you put on your skin.

For more information about the myths of animal testing, read more on these sites:

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