Your Vision for the Decade

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In Just 3 Weeks

We’ll enter a new year in a little over 3 weeks. We’ll also enter A NEW DECADE: this is huge.

How will you show up in the new decade? What are your plans for the future? What big goal (or goals) do you want to accomplish? What amazing feat have you accomplished in the last decade (this is a very important question to answer!)?

We’re all surrounded by people who aren’t happy with their lives. Because of my Mission in life, one of my biggest pet peeves is listening to chronic complainers. It’s my job to help people achieve health and happiness, while also regenerating the health of this planet. It drives me bay-sh*t crazy to hear people complain about the small stuff (note: it’s ALL small stuff).

Look, we all have bad days… but at least you woke up to experience that bad day. If you pause and take a few moments, you’ll realize there are other sentient beings who have it worse than you. There are beings being tortured and killed, suffering from tremendous pain, and living in fear of the next moment. There are also beings who rise above all their pain and suffering.

Gratitude goes a LONG way. 

When I observe those who consistently complain, I notice they feel they have no purpose. When I dig deep into their dreams and passions, “there are none.” This is a dangerous, dangerous road, my friend.  

  • Chronic pain leads to anger, depression, and frustration. Chronic health problems lead to a lack of ambition. This is a vicious cycle.
  • A lack of goals or purpose lead to a lack of motivation for your health. If you don’t know why “you’re here,” you eat poorly, don’t sleep, don’t meditate, and don’t exercise. Maybe you withdraw from others or give in to a cycle of addiction: shopping, gambling, alcohol, drugs, or dangerous behaviors. 
  • Chronic complainers have a lack of motivation and focus for creating. They don’t know what their purpose is, or worse, they feel they’ve fulfilled their purpose and often think, “now what?”

I’ve watched as friends and family died from a lack of purpose, as have you.

As we enter this new decade, consider:

  • What big dream you like to accomplish? (Don’t think small—dream of the ultimate!)
  • What needs to change in your life so you feel overall balance?
  • What unique gifts or experiences can you share to make the world a better place?

Reaching your highest potential is never an easy nor linear path. The road is filled with challenges, twists, and turns. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

It’s taken me a decade to understand my dharma (purpose). I’ve honed my skills, created a vision for my future, and live a life I OWN. It hasn’t been easy, but there’s nothing I’d change. All my failures and misguided decisions have taught me invaluable lessons. I’ll never make those mistakes again. As Einstein taught us, I have new ways to NOT create success.

While they aid in the initial process of focus, vision boards aren’t enough to succeed—you have to ACT on your dreams by taken repeated small steps. I prefer Mindmapping for planning, a technique you can try here. I adjust my vision board and Mindmap frequently, based on experiences and skills I gain throughout the years.

No matter what, the ultimate vision of my life never changes. I know how I want to experience my ideal day. I know how it feels, what it looks like, what it smells like, and how I move throughout that day.

Trust the Universe to guide you on the path of getting to your vision. Each “misstep” or experience brings you closer to your goal. Sometimes, it takes 1 step backwards to take 2 steps forward.

Answer these 2 questions:

  1. What big dream would you like to accomplish in the next decade? Forget the reasons you can’t accomplish it. Humans have achieved the impossible—we’ve walked on the moon and run 4-minute miles. Forget not knowing “how” you’ll fulfill this goal—the path unfolds in ways you can never imagine. Your guides, the Divine, God, Allah or whatever you call it, just need you to state your intention. When you ask the right questions, your brain searches for an answer until it finds it.
  2. What does balance look like for you? What does your ideal day look and feel like?  When you dream or meditate on your life, what do you see? What amazing accomplishment would you like to remember on your deathbed?

Once you answer those questions, send them to me. If you want a dialogue about achieving those goals, ask for that when you respond. If you just want to state your intention to make it real, just send me your answers… I’ll only offer guidance if you ask. Otherwise, I’ll just listen and send wishes for your future. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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